July 5th 2014

Video documentation of Limehouse Blues being performed live at the Tower Hamlets Chinese Association in Limehouse, London on June 29th 2014. A project that I devised and completed during my time at Open School East.

Limehouse Blues from Tommy Ting on Vimeo.

In other news, I have been selected as one of the Leverhulme Arts Scholar at the Wysing Arts Centre starting next week. Really looking forward to spending time in Cambridge this summer and being part of Futurecamp, an exciting programme of exhibitions, talks and events at the Wysing this year.

Sep 25th 2013
I've arrived in London for Open School East! For those who haven't heard of it, its a new free (art) school project/communal space in East London check out the link for more info. The last week has been crazy, it's hard to try to sort out a new life in a relatively new city while thinking about art projects. But, here is a picture of some ceramic "pots" I did earlier this year.

Sep 2nd 2013
The mural is up at The Crying Room Projects! Check it out at 157 East Cordova Street (and Main St.) in Downtown Vancouver.

Aug 18th 2013
upcoming events

Unearthly Waters at Yactac Gallery opening on September 12th. This show is the result of a one-year collaboration between Maja Ngom and I. The exhibition will open during SWARM Vancouver. Event link here!

McMansion, I will be producing a mural for Crying Room for September, the piece, lasting one month, will be up from the 1st of September till the 30th of September. Crying Room's website

Aug 6th 2013
A picture from my first solo exhibition, Triple Threat Part I: "Golden Emperor Palace" at Organhaus Art Space in Chongqing, China. More installation pics here!

July 1st 2013
It has been been 1 months since I have been an artist in residence at Organhaus and I have finally finished the first piece of my project, Triple Threat, Part I of III. Here is a little preivew....a 150cm tall neon sign of three smiley face in a chuan'er (Chinese kebab) stick!

May 30th 2013
I am in Beijing! Will be in Chongqing soon for my first artist residency at Organhaus. Have a lot of crazy and exciting ideas for performances and sculptures to start experimenting with. Definitely looking forward to tasting the world renowned Chongqing Hot Pot!

May 10th 2013
Mini preview on what I am doing for a collaboration project with artist and friend, Maja Ngom. Our project will be shown at Yactac Gallery in Vancouver this September during Swarm!

April 29th 2013
A whole semester has flown by, I have been extremely busy learning ceramics! A lot of pictures to come but for now here is a piece I did for an intervention into a public monument in Vancouver. 54 white hand-made ceramic tiles with black spray paint. Click Columbus Was Here for more info and pictures.

Dec 16th 2012
New work! I have been carving a piece of soapstone into a fortune cookie for the last 12 weeks. The result is so rewarding.

I started working on a new project on turning images taken from Google Maps into paintings.

In other great news, I have been accepted to do a two-month artist residency at the Organhaus Art Space in Chongqing, China from June to July 2013. I will have my first solo exhibition at the end of the residency period.

After the residency and back in Vancouver, I will be taking part in a group exhibition at Yactac Gallery

I was also recently awarded a grant from the Vancouver Foundation. Yay money!

To be honest though, being an artist is so hard, especially right after art school. Even though the stars are aligning for me and I have a few exhibitions to look forward to in the new year, I don't ever make posts about the failures and the rejections I receive on a daily basis. From what I have learnt in the past 5 and a half months after graduation, you gotta hustle to make it happen!

Nov 6th 2012
New drawings (based from archival photos of Chinese gold prospectors in BC)

August 22th 2012

It has been non-stop whirlwind of work work and work for the last two months since graduation. I have applied to more galleries for a solo-show of my project Machine (...), and also somehow landed myself a job at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

And what is the outcome of hard work? GOOD THINGS. That's right, I am showing my BA graduate project Machine (..) (picture above) at a two-person show confirmed with Access Gallery. Details TBA.

Not much else other than I am still working hard and still believing in my work. Have been doing a lot of experimentation with gold lately, (very costly and very difficult to cope with failed experiments with).

June 20th 2012

Wow! I have graduated!!! To everyone who came to my graduation show - thank you. It was an amazing evening and I am very proud of all of my classmates' work. Link to our graduating class website here

So on to the next! Right now I have submitted the Iron Chink project to just about every gallery in Canada (that I feel relevant) that take open submissions, so I guess I just have to sit back and wait. I am already working on a new project - I am not going to say much as of now but I can tell you that the main inspiration is taken from Joseph Conrad's Nostromo and that it will be a collaboration with my dear friend and amazing artist Maja Ngom. We'll be working towards a major two person exhibition for 2014/2015

If I hear back from any galleries in Canada on Machine (...) then I will announce it here right away!

December 1st 2011

Can you believe it's already December? Time really flies when you're busy. I've been working hard on my graduation project for the last semester, and you can view the proposed piece on my website under "Iron Chink Research Images and Proposed Project. The final piece will be exhibited at London College of Communications on May 31st next year. If you're interested to find out more about the background and the history of the machine I will be uploading a more detailed statement later this month.

I have also re-written my artist statement to direct myself in the right direction for my practice. I have cleared out a lot of my older projects since I thought they weren't relevant to me as an artist anymore and didn't fit into the overall of my interests and style. Like I mentioned before I do one day intend to re-work with some of them again.

For now keep an eye out for my Iron Chink project, things will be uploaded as frequent as possible. I will also be producing my first photographic series in exactly 2 years since The Chinese Dream later this month, and pictures will also be uploaded once I have them digitalised.

November 5th 2011

So summer has come and passed, and now it is time to work hard again. I am currently finishing up my final year in my undergraduate degree, this means in June I will be presenting my final project in an exhibition at my university. More details of what my project is about will be coming in the next month or so.

I have also been giving my practice a rethink, as you can see I have removed a lot of my work from the website. I am in the midst of repackaging and repositioning myself as an artist so I need to present my work in a clear and concise way as my previous portfolio created a lot of confusion. No need to worry though I am planning to re-work a lot of the old work into something a bit more "me".

Stay tune for a lot more updates!

June 12th 2011
From my installation at the Water Tower Art Fest

Also, I got accepted to participate at the Belfast Photo Festival! I'll be showing 4 pieces from my series Dreaming of Mount Emei. The festival opens in early August, more details of the festival program to come later.

BBC N. Ireland posted a picture of mine from the festival, check it out here.

May 26th 2011
Welcome to my new website! Much better than the old one thanks to Cargo. This "News" section will be dedicated to updating you guys about my latest projects and exhibitions. So far I only have one thing lined up in the near future and that is the Water Tower Art Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. It's opening on June 24th and lasts till the 30th. I will be in Sofia for the whole duration of the art festival and I simply cannot wait! It will be my first time in Eastern Europe.